AI is an interdisciplinary science, with machine learning that can create a paradigm virtually and feed data by a computer to get progressively better at a task, without being programmed for that.

Rubix Technologies Provides solutions using AI/ML for better user experience and increased engagement with customer platforms or services.

Our AI / ML Services

ML technology helps to solve complex problems, it collects and analyzes unstructured data and transforms them into valuable insights that improve the efficiency and profitability of your company.

Use machine learning tools to select features, create and optimize data and use statistical techniques to produce solutions to problems for improving business outcomes.

Speech recognition technology can create advanced chatbots and voice assistants using artificial Intelligence and NLP technologies and use cognitive machine learning to Troubleshoot bots and enhance the end-user experience.

AI/ML Mobile Application Development writes native code for platforms like Android and iOS to Develop new features on mobile interfaces that enable AI technology to deliver personalized, all-in-one and spontaneous customer experiences.

Social Media Services with Machine Learning facilitate data automation for social media using algorithms that analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns and insights to help social media for automate content, moderation and ads.

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