Rubix Technologies, we embrace the transformative power of IoT (Internet of Things) to create cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of technology. Our IoT projects represent the pinnacle of innovation, harnessing the interconnected world of devices and data to enhance daily life and revolutionize industries.

Our IoT Services

Imagine an alarm clock that adapts to your life. Our Smart Alarm Clock uses IoT technology to take your Google calendar appointments into account when setting alarm times. It goes a step further by gathering data from your GPS, estimating your ETA to a destination and checking the weather to intelligently adjust your wake-up time. It's more than just an alarm it's a personal assistant.

Illuminate your life with Smart Lighting. We employ IoT-enabled sensors bulbs and adapters that allow you to manage your home or office lighting from the convenience of your smartphone or smart home management platform. Control light intensity based on movement, not only enhancing convenience but also saving energy and reducing manpower requirements.

Our IoT-driven Smart Parking System revolutionizes the way we manage parking spaces and traffic flow. By leveraging sensors, cameras and other IoT devices, we gather real-time data to efficiently manage parking spots. This system provides drivers with immediate information on available spaces, making parking stress-free and reducing traffic congestion.

Our Health Monitoring System combines healthcare and IoT, allowing healthcare professionals to remotely monitor and manage patient health through real-time data from sensors and wearables. This secure, online platform improves patient care and increases healthcare accessibility.

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