Rubix is your trusted partner for addressing intricate business challenges by integrating engineering and IT services. We bring together the expertise of engineering and IT to deliver comprehensive solutions using the cloud-based platform, ServiceNow. This platform facilitates the automation of IT administrative processes, focusing on IT operations, IT businesses and IT services.

Our ServiceNow Services

We plan, set up, design, troubleshoot and optimize both standard and specialized programs to elevate the ServiceNow platform's capabilities.

ServiceNow offers a unified user portal and a centralized data source, providing access to and consumption of corporate-wide metrics, tasks, services, assets, people, locations and information. We resolve common issues related to data integration.

ServiceNow serves as a ticketing system for processing and storing customer support requests. Users can submit requests for incidents, updates, problems and other services using ServiceNow tools.

ServiceNow's mobile-friendly design allows users to access services and complete tasks on the go, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

ServiceNow's AI and machine learning capabilities enhance service management features, including predictive analytics, chatbots and virtual agents.

Why Choose Us?

Streamlined IT Processes

We offer solutions that simplify and streamline your IT processes, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Versatile Platform

Our ServiceNow platform provides a wide range of solutions, all in one place, catering to diverse business needs.


Our solutions are highly scalable, allowing your business to grow and adapt without hindrance.

Enhanced Service Management

Our expertise enhances service management, ensuring smoother operations for your business.

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