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Business to Consumer (B2C) involves delivering grooming and beauty services directly to individuals, improving their personal appearance and overall well-being.


Business-to-business (B2B) involves the transactions and relationships with other businesses, such as suppliers or distributors, rather than individual consumers.

Admin Panel

A admin panel is a web interface that simplifies salon management tasks, including appointments, customer information, staff schedules, inventory, billing and reporting.


A call center handles customer calls, managing tasks like appointment scheduling, inquiries and complaint resolution to improve communication and service efficiency.

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Discover a new standard in salon management with Style Spot. Our website boasts a sleek, user-friendly interface, enhancing your spa experience. Elevate your services with our Salon Management System, designed for effortless appointment scheduling and client relationship management.

Discover convenience with Stylespot Mobile App.

Immerse yourself in the Style Spot ambiance through our mobile app, where sophistication meets effortless salon management. Explore a polished interface for an elevated spa experience on your mobile device. Our Mobile Salon Management System seamlessly blends style and efficiency, simplifying appointment scheduling and enhancing client relations.

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