Energy Sector

Unlocking the Power of iEnergy
The Rubix Team's Innovation Journey

In the dynamic realm of iEnergy, innovation is not just a buzzword it's a way of life. At the heart of groundbreaking advancements, the Rubix Team has reshaped the landscape of energy solutions.With our unwavering dedication and sharp expertise, we’ve revolutionized complex business logic, crafting solutions that are not only efficient but also remarkably cost-effective.

The delivered Team's Tale

Pioneering Geospatial Excellence

Our flagship project revolves around the seamless integration of geographical data, meticulously collected through sensors, into our cutting-edge desktop application. The true challenge lay in the transfer of this invaluable data to cloud solutions, ensuring not a single byte was lost in transit. This daunting task demanded ingenious solutions and that’s precisely what our Web App Team delivered.

The Web App Team

Masters of Graphical Brilliance

Responsible for the transition of geographical data from desktop to cloud, our Web App Team stood tall amidst challenges. Picture this the intricacies of data transfer, the fear of data loss – our team faced it all head-on. How? Through a fusion of innovation and expertise, we devised an exceptionally effective method, ensuring not only the safety of data but also its smooth journey to the cloud. Leveraging advanced cloud solutions, we made the impossible seem effortless.

The Testing Team's Tale

Where Excellence Meets Rigor

Enter our Testing Team, the unsung heroes of our success story. In the pursuit of perfection, they played a pivotal role in crafting a bug-free, user-friendly application. Their eagle-eyed precision led to the identification and elimination of numerous regression bugs, elevating the quality of our solutions to unparalleled heights. Each bug resolved was a step closer to excellence and our Testing Team ensured no stone was left unturned.


In the realm of iEnergy, where technology meets innovation, the Rubix Team stands as a beacon of excellence. Through tireless efforts, unwavering commitment and unparalleled expertise, we've not just solved problems – we’ve reshaped the future. Join us on this journey where every challenge is an opportunity and every solution is a triumph. Together, let's redefine what's possible in the world of energy solutions.