As a Happiness life

I was thinking about happiness and a curious thought popped up in my mind. I wanted to know what Google thought happiness was. The results left me flabbergasted. It turns out that happiness is not a simple thing what I though it to be. It was very complicated (Like Sashi Tharoor’s English!!), atleast that is what Google told me. Infact one website went on to say, “Achieving happiness typically involves times of considerable discomfort”. Seriously... What does that even mean?

After going through many a website that it suggested, I felt cheated. My grandmom used to give me a one-rupee orange mithai and ask “Happy?” and I would go “Yay! Happpieeee”, My dad got me a Hero Pen and would ask “Happy?” and I would be like “Haapppppiee”, a relative would get me an ice cola and I was flying in the sky, the maid would bring in a pup that she found on the road and my joy knew no bounds, a surprise visit by my favourite cousin, mommy’s cosy lap, brother’s naughty secrets, panju mithai, honey cake, friendship band, dried flower in a notebook, a shiny stone that I had found somewhere, holidays at hometown, Rajini movies, Illayaraja songs… Was my whole life a lie? According to google it is an absolute YES!!

My point is simple. We tend to search for simple things in all the wrong places. Don’t search for it, just feel it. I am not saying you must find happiness within and such stuff, that’s the Gyan gurus’ pitch. Not all of us are philosophical. We are simple humans with simple desires. According to me happiness is very perspective. What makes me happy needn’t necessarily make you happy. Afterall. all of us are unique and that’s what makes this world such a wonderful place to be in.Being happy is just being you. There is nothing more to it. Trust me, it’s that simple. Just give it a thought. Try shrugging off your “I live for others opinion of me” cloak and see how happy you are. Be the confident you. You are beautiful and happiness is around the corner waiting to embrace you. Don’t search for it. You be YOU and happiness will come sprinting happily to you!!

Elay don’t worry, be happpppyyyyy!!!! 😊